Hello, Friends! Let me warn you that this is going to be a long post, but if you want to really get to know me, and what Shepherd’s Song Creations is all about, then I think you’ll find it worth while.


This Past Year

In March of 2017 I took the plunge and launched this site with WordPress. My goals were to be regular with blogging, and by the end of the year to have a store set up on-site using WooCommerce.

Yah. That didn’t happen . . . . At. All.

I also struggled with working into a regular weaving schedule for Timothy. There were a lot of distractions and things that outright hindered the process. I found myself becoming very discouraged, and disappointed.

Then the fall craft show season rolled around. I really felt that we were supposed to display at some local events, and even had a good motivating goal in place to keep Timothy focused on the weaving. But that all fell apart, too.

I did a lot and a lot of praying during the last quarter of the year. I pleaded and cried out to God to just please make it clear to me what I was supposed to be doing, and to give me the strength and courage to let go of what I shouldn’t be doing.

The answer I got was to go back to the beginning; back to the start of Shepherd’s Song, and go forward from there.


The Very Beginnings

So what exactly did the beginning look like?

It all started in 2001, and you can read part of that story here.

To sum it up, as the result of a homeschool unit study, the children and I began a journey that included more of the fiber arts than just sewing and crocheting, which I had been doing all my life.

I knew by that time that Timothy was not going to progress much farther in mental maturity. It was truly a provision of God’s to take us into the realm of weaving, so Timothy would have a skill that could serve him well in life, even if it was only a hobby that gave him something positive to focus on.

But, knowing myself, I was sure that I would produce a finished project or two, also. (Insert rolling eyes and even a ‘duh’ if you are so inclined.). And that lead to an idea that Timothy and I could make a bit of income from weaving. Especially since a fiber festival we had attended was open to including new vendors that fit with their basic theme.

I called the owner of the angora goat farm that hosted that festival to ask if she would be interested in allowing us to display at a future event. During our conversation, I mentioned that I was making homemade soap. The next thing I knew, I was committed to being a vendor at the upcoming fall festival, but as a seller of soap, not woven products.

We continued to weave and work on streamlining the process for producing rugs and I displayed at Tall Grass Festival with my soap for three shows before the turns in life took us 1800 miles away to a new home.  Being in a new place meant it would take time to learn the area and find the information needed to move forward in this little crafty biz.  Add to that the fact that I had a few babies to care for over the next few years, and things kind of stalled to a stop.


Starting Again

Then in 2010 I really felt the Lord was saying the time had come to pay attention to Shepherd’s Song Creations again.  I took steps to set up as a business in this new state and to figure out what products to sell.

Can I just say that that was the beginning of the craziest, most chaotic portion of my journey?  Instead of focusing on where I was when the business stalled, and move on from there, I tried to incorporate too many new interests and ideas.  I floundered, badly.

I thought about it and prayed about that chaos, and the resulting frustration, and in 2014 I thought I had the answers.  As it turned out, I was still doing more grasping at my vision than receiving God’s vision.

That finally changed these past three months.  I really have many ladies, and a couple of guys, that I’ve run into around the web and social media to thank for this.  I can’t even tell you their names, because it was a slow drip of information and enthusiasm over time that helped me arrive at a place where I now know what to do.


Going Forward

So, what does that mean for the future of this blog and my business?

It means that I have a clear vision and a plan of action for working within and toward that vision and here it is.

  • Blog content : building our family home and lifestyle, DIY projects, house reno, and some of the day to day
  • Social Media : Instagram  ~ It’s my fave social place so make sure to find me there
  • Sales Platform : Etsy ~ be sure to check out what is available today and bookmark or follow so you can find me easily
  • Products : currently journals, with a few rugs ~ adding table runners and handmade soap in the near future

The loom that we use for rugs is currently needing some repairs.  I need to baby it along in order to finish the five rugs that are on it, but then it will be on hiatus until it’s fixed.  Hence the reason for putting the other loom to work producing table runners.

And that’s part of why this is the most important.  I’m going to be sending out regular emails with updates on blog posts, those new products, and sales.  In the next couple of weeks those newsletters will be detailing exactly what products are available and what new ones I’m working on.  Seriously, this is the best way to stay up to date on all the new things as they come along so be sure to sign up right below.


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