Rag Rugs


There are many places in our lives where we can use upcycled materials without sacrificing beauty or class.  Accents in our homes is one of these, such as using rag rugs on your floors.  Not only do they fulfill a need for the aesthetic, but they serve a practical purpose as well.  Whether it’s keeping feet from becoming chilly or mud from tracking across a floor, a rag rug can be a most welcome addition to your houskeeping and your décor.

Each rag rug produced by us uses 100% cotton for the warp and a mixture of upcycled and repurposed fabric strips for the weft.  Because the weft materials come from our own worn out clothing, as well as items gathered form thrift stores, the content of the weft varies.

Every rug is machine washable in warm water and can be tumble dried on medium, for ease of care.  Because the warp is cotton and the end sections of the rug are cotton, you will see some shrinkage after washing, but that is really a good thing.  The shrinkage of the warp tightens the rug a bit, making it denser and more durable.

PLEASE BEWARE:  Rag rugs can be very slippery.  For this reason we recommend using a non-slip rug pad if you are placing your rag rug on smooth floor surfaces such as tile or wood.





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